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18 May 2010

few article about Speaker Mouths

Few articles about Speaker Mouths, an instrumental sculpture for the French Week and National Music Day in Xintiandi in Shanghai 2010.

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Chicago Tribune

24 April 2008


Walsh Gallery represented *LLND, artists recommended by the Tribune critic Alan G.Artner in the Chicago Tribune Tempo of 26th april 2008

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5 May 2007

article by Ilenea Cornéa, art historian

Ilenea Cornéa, art historian talk about *LLND exhibition for ArtSénat 2007 in Luxembourg garden in Paris during 6 months.

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Regio Maastricht

29 March 2007

article about an exhibition

Residency with exhibition in Art Space Rondeel

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Reviews Performances

Global Times magazine

29 September 2010

Double page in magazine

This collaborative mindset carries over to performance too. At dorkbot Shanghai#3, Shanghai-based Parisian mixed media artists *LLND (Laurent Lettree and Nathalie Delpech) formed an ever morphing audio-visual “instrumental sculpture” before the eyes of the audience
by using rotating tables, cameras, an odd assortment of objects and a multichannel video mixer in a way that links images and sounds in a strange associative process.
“One of the techniques that *LLND uses is called circuit bending,” Haraldsson said. “This is another example of
hacking.” Circuit bending is intentionally short-circuiting electronic products to create new audio and visual instruments, a technique *LLND puts to good use in
their hybrid live performances.

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- Time Out Shanghai

1 February 2010

4 pages in review

33T live life

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