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( ... ) Memory is Time Compression, we are life recorders.


The Time Compressions

Time Compressions is the end result of a study on memory and its visual transcription in an information-saturated contemporary environment, while interrogating the relativity of data’s residue held in a still image taken out of its mobile original context.

*LLND exhibited the first Time Compressions in 2005 at the City of Science and Industry in Paris during the Month of Art and Technology. This work is the result of research on memory and is a visual metaphor of sensory information stored in our brain. The picture shows multiple reflections on a remembered event; Time Compressions shows the past, present, and future of an event’s reminiscence, just as the scent of a perfume affects our memory.

in 2010 Their solo show in Shanghai at Hong Merchant Gallery introduced the first Time Compressions Portraits. This unique technique unites multiple characteristic elements of a person’s life in one photo print. Past-present-future cohabit in one still image.

Interactive Installations-sculptures

Playful and philosophical, the productions of LLND renews the share of incompletion, specific to
the modern work of art, inaugurated by the watercolours of Turner and Cézanne. Since all is from
now relative, it is up to the spectator to imagine from the modules, which are offered to him, the
adequate bonds! (…) To Build, to dismount, testify thus to the vitality of a world increasingly faster,
increasingly more productive, in which the time of the metamorphosis is abolished… Such is the
objective of the *LLND. While we change the channels on our television sets, our computers
intimate us copy-cut-and paste. The *LLND sublimate these daily practices. (…)
text of Françoise Monnin, Art historian, extract of catalogue Kit Art série kas1 by *LLND, éd Anne Lettrée 2006

The Kinoloops - Audio-visual live-act

*LLND, Initials of our duo in city / in live *LL wave constructor, circuit bender, instruments creator, programmer and *ND, anima-videiconist stage artist director.
Installations, performances, live act, VJ, our creations are like a round trip
between the direct and the fictional virtual virtual documentary,a controlled Digital Automation.
A thundering mix called Live Act Kinotoys.
Each of our performance offers a pass for traveling to multiple geostrategico-sensory
destinations in a poetic network universe of immerse sounds and visuals.

*LLND’s live art is a unique show where all the images and sound are created live
using a set up of micros, cameras , objects, real-time 3d software, and a multichannel broadcast video mixer.
The performance is therefore very reactive to the music
and to the dancers as well as to the DJ.

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