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( ... ) Memory is Time Compression, we are life recorders.

LLND Performance CV

Exhibitions / Events


FR, Paris, dec 2nd-jan 8th @ exhibition, curated for Paris Illuminations 2011/2012
Speaker Mouths.

CN, Shanghai, oct 15th-23th @ exhibition, curated by LAM
Speaker Mouths, Interactive Dancefloor, Water Colors
for “The 5th anniversary of Daning Live Hub”

CN, Hong Kong, august 19th/nov 19th @ input-output.tv Gallery: “PEH” & “_ Brain Waves_”

CN, Shanghai, may 18th @ Source exhibition, curated by Eva-Charlotte Voigt

CN, Shanghai, april 14th @ Hong Merchant Gallery: “_ Time Compression – serie portraits_” (solo exhibition)

CN, Shanghai, fevrary 25th @ Life Recorders curated by Vinaigrette gallery, 696 weihai lu*


CN, Shanghai, march 18th @ Hong Merchant Gallery: “_ Time Compression – serie Mind of Shanghai_” (solo exhibition)

FR, Paris, may 7th @ Dexter Gallery:“Generation Pixel” curated by Marc Reveillaud & Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr


CN. Shanghai, sept @ Wuding Space: WBW- World Brain Web sonoluminous installation (solo exhibition)

CN. Shanghai, sept @ SH Contemporary Fair: « WBW»


FR.Paris, oct @ Reuilly space: Exhibit of ESC8-environment sound controler collaboration with Schéma17- (solo exhibition)

CN. Beijing, july @ 3rd Beijing International Art biennale “Colors & Sport”: :« Compression Temporelle-serie sport »

FR. Antony, may @ A Venir Le Monde Sage at Art contemporary space Eugène Baudoin: Video «_Sirius LMSAV

FR. Cachan, may @ Biennale of Cachan « _20 000 T de fioul_»

FR. Paris, may @ *FIIE *- 4 digital images extract of the serie «_Terr’estre Freeze_»

FR. Viry Chatillon, May @ Mon OEil- 6th Fair << _Animated fragments n4a _»

US. Chicago, April @ NEXT ART FAIR Chicago with the Walsh Gallery

FR. Paris, march @ Video appartement «_ Le coffre malice – serie Kinoloops»_

FR. Paris, january @ Culturel Space FING: opening of la Cantine


FR. Paris, dec @ Arte TV- Tracks celebrate their 10 years anniversary at Agnes B:le Sonochrome Bleu3

FR. Paris, nov @ MAC 2007,Contemporary art fair:
exhibit of ”_Treeble Septuor_”

FR. Paris, nov @ DIVA FAIR 2007 Paris: participative installations

FR.Paris, nov @ Maison Blanche –night club- video installation for DIVA FAIR ‘s Party (solo exhibition)

FR.Paris, 18 july / 2 sept @ Festival IDEO at the Bellevilloise: Exhibit of Treeble Septuor and Animated Fragments (solo exhibition)

USA. San Francisco, June @ Festival Overlap 06
”_Space cake_” video clip and “_What’s under you?_” animation movie by Pechou*LLND

FR. Rennes, June @ Festival Eclektic#3
”_Space cake_” video clip by Pechou*LLND in Cinematek space (CODA)

FR. Paris, june @ PPP (Parcours Parisien de la Photographie de chez Higgins):
Compressions Temporelles- série Sex sea sun

FR. Paris, du 19 mai au 23 sept @ ARSENAT in Luxembourg’s garden: « Femme y es-tu ? »« _les grandes heures d’Anne de Bretagne _» sonorous composition of 12H

NL. Maastricht , may @ *ARTTOUR 2007 (Kunstour) 3 days of contemporary art, modern design and new media
art*: *LLND peformance audio video live +installation interactive: animated fragments

Ro.Timisoara, may @ SIMULTAN 03:with audio visual performance movie “_Chained Freedom_” 5mn

FR. Montrouge, april @ 52nd Fair of contemporary Art of Montrouge: DESIGN Luminous table “_Compression temporelle”_

FR.Paris, april @ The Belleviloise for «les rendez-vous du jeudi»: Exhibit of Treeble Septuor (solo exhibition)

NL. Maastricht, march @ *Art space rondeel
« Grand opening »* Exhibit Kit Art + Compressions Temporelles

NL. Maastricht, march @ *Art space rondeel
“art update now”* pour la TEF-OFF de la Tefaf 2007 de Maastricht

FR.Paris, january @ Anne Lettrée Gallery
Exhibit : Compressions Temporelles –série made in china- (solo exhibition)


GE. Berlin, dec @ Factory Berlin-3J at Germany, Lost shadows: sonorous installation « _Quantic ring _»

PD. Poznan, oct @ 35 th Poznan Triennial of Sculpture in Poland: Treeble Septuor, interactive sonorous sculpture for 7 DJ

CH.Chang Zhou, sept @ Cartoon Art Festival and Art Digital in China:_ Animated Fragments n°3_ : interactive installation for live audio video

FR.Montrouge sept @ *6th Salon of Europeen Young Creators *: “_Welcome Europe_”, sonorous and
visual animation onto the front wall of the Cultural Center (solo exhibition)

FR.Paris, may @ Galerie Anne Lettrée: Exhibit KIT ART (solo exhibition)

FR.Montrouge, april @ 51th Art Contemporary Show of Montrouge: “_The show out of the walls_”, sonorous and visual animation onto the front wall of the Cultural Center (solo exhibition)

FR. Montrouge, april @ 51 st fair of contemporary art in Montrouge: Animated Fragments n°2 : interactive instrumental painting for live audio video.


FR.Paris, dec @ Mairie de Paris 1er:
Kwa Bawon”, video sculpture of Maxence Denis,
sonorous creation of *Laurent Lettrée. (solo exhibition)

FR. Paris, oct @ *Numeric Carrefour of the City of Sciences and Industry for “ the Month of Art and
Technology* ”:18 pixels3, interactive installation interessed in transport of digitalinformation

IT. Venise, june @ *Biennale of Venice
Kwa Bawon”*, sculpture video of Maxence Denis,sonorous
creation of Laurent Lettrée.

FR.Paris, june @ FNAC Digitale:
18 pixels2 , interactive installation interessed by the « theory of information” (solo exhibition)

FR.Paris, june @ “Art Saint Germain, 100 galleries make the event”: The Chineese square: performance in the Latin quarter (in the center of Paris)with the the support of “the Cross-years France- China” (solo exhibition)

FR. Montrouge, may @ 5th European 5th Exhibition for Young Creators: Sonochrome bleu3; instrumental sculpture for audio vidéo live.


CH. Shanghai, sept @ Biennale de Shanghai , opening:
Projet 303, Third life , live audio concert

FR. Paris, may @ Miroiterie art space:
Metamudra; interactive installation for live audio video

FR. Paris, fev @ *Art Channel, television by satellite
Broadcast* of 7 videos since 2004 : Golden sleep, Nylon, The Sleepswimmer, Spanish Salads , The fleas, Saa Niwa i Eko, Metamudra.

Shows / Performances


CN, Shanghai, Dec 3rd @Yu Ying Tang ==>with Steinar—- audio video live + VJ/Art for 5 bands curated by Layabozi.

FR, Paris, Nov 23rd @ Carmen – Live

CN, Shanghai, oct 15th-23th @audio video live + VJ/Art for 6 Chinese pop bands curated by LAM for “The 5th anniversary of Daning Live Hub”

CN. Shanghai, july 14th @ Shelter “Bass-Ment Feat” curated by Steven Lorentz

CN. Shanghai, july 9th @ Lune, Beat Buster”“- Dance Party

CN. Shanghai, june 23th @ DaDa “A night of electronic stuff” curated by Shanghai 24/7

CN. Shanghai, june 19th @ French Music Day curated by John

CN, Shanghai, may 18th @ Source exhibition, curated by Eva-Charlotte Voigt

CN, Shanghai, may 5th @ Lune,* “Chapelier Fou” curated by 86/33 Link & French Embassy for French Croisement*

CN. Shanghai, April 2nd *200th anniversary of Perrier Jouet Hainan RDV in Sanya curated by Fmotion*

CN. Shanghai, march 17th @ Nurun event curated by Emmanuel Paget



CN. Shanghai, Nov 4th @ Metis opening curated by Corinne Lapp

CN. Hangzhou, Oct 25th @ Xi hu West Lake music festival

CN. Shanghai, Oct 10th @ 101010 opening space

CN. Zhenjiang, Oct 3rd @ MIDI music festival

CN. Shanghai, Sept 29th @ Dorkbot presentation

CN. China tour, june 18th/26th : Electronic Worlds Festival organised by *LLND, Noize Asia, French Consulate.

CN. Shanghai, may 8th @ *Weihailu696 Open Studio *: with Julio, Ciao Jun-Y, ETC

CN. Shanghai, may 7th @ MAO LIVE HOUSE :Lions of Pushi

CN. Shanghai, fev 13th @ MAO LIVE HOUSE : Rave On

CN. Shanghai, fev 22th @ DADA : 33t Live Life

CN. Hangzhou, fev 28th @ TRAVELERS : live with Pet Conspiracy


CN. Chongqing, may @ ORGANHAUS : live audio video performance Silk Road Inner Road

CN. Chongqing, april @ ZERO CLUB : live audio video performance Party

CN. Chengdoo, june @ PANDA CLUB : live with Li Dagoa

CN. Shanghai, sept @ 550 WUDING LU : live audio video performance 999

CN. Shanghai, aout @ LOGO : live Harsh

CN. Shanghai, sept @ LIVE BAR : live Quantic Ring

CN. Shanghai, aout @ METRO LINE 4 : live with the collectif Company


FR. Paris, dec @ FESTIVAL “UNE GOUTTE DE NOEL”: live audio performance “Terr’Estres”

FR. Le Havre, dec @ PIED NU at Fort de Trouville: live audio performance “Terr’Estres”

FR. Paris, oct @ VISIONSONIC: live audio performance “Terr’Estres”


FR. Paris, 6 oct @ NUIT BLANCHE: onto The Wall, ”Actéon ou le Verso du monde” live audio video performance with*LLND+Antonio Gallego+ Brigitte Terzief.

FR. Paris, 2 sept @ LA BELLEVILLOISE :Synaepsthesie Festival: performance Kinotoys « Terr Estre »

GB. London, march @ Interwiew on Resonance 104.4 FM “Wavelength” par William English

NL.Maastricht, march @ Rondeel Art Space: « Grand opening 30-31 march / 1 april»
Terr estre ? ”live video skype concert between the Maison Pop in Montreuil (Paris) and Rondeel (maastricht) with *LLND, Pétahertz, Popay, Kaspar König

NL. Maastricht, march @ Rondeel Art Space
“art update now” for TEF-OFF reference at Tefaf 2007 of Maastricht


FR. Clichy, dec @ Atelier Oblik: “AlterFactory091206“ audio video live performance

GE. Berlin, dec @ Factory Berlin-3J in Germany-> « Lost shadows »
Alter factory 031206, audio visual live concert

GE. Berlin, oct @ 2nd Pictoplasma conference at Salon Bruit en Allemagne
Live AV:45’, concert with Shamus (Noisiv)

FR. Paris, august @* Le Placard : Electrobilles*, audio visuel live concert

FR. Evreux, may @ L’Ateliers: Alter factory 270506, audio visual live concert

FR. Paris, nov @ Bains douches: les Soirées du jeudi
Diffusion of 4 films « No subtitle »

FR.Montreuil , june @ PETAHERZ “for the sun”: ”Nolidays” live audio video performance

FR. Clichy , may @ OBLIK 10 years for birthday‘s workshops: Live audio by *LL


FR. Paris, oct @ *GALLERY 31 *for the Halloween Night
Metalloween, audio visual live concert.

FR. Paris, june @ *FNAC DIGITALE *, National day of music:18 pixels2 , audio visual concert

FR. Montauban, may @ LE SON DE L’INNOCENCE:
Brain formation, audio visual concert with the band 1Katharsix.


CH. Shanghai, sept @ OPENING OF THE CONTEMPORARY ART BIENNALE OF SHANGHAI: Project 303, Third life , live concert

FR. Clichy, mars @ *OBLIK *:
La Liberté enchainée : live audio visual concert played with the instrumental sculpture, Sonochrome bleu3.

GE. Berlin, janv @ FESTIVAL NOIZE:
Nx200, concerts and video projections with Gmo about the microscopic.

FR. Paris, nov 2003 SHOW ROOM AUDI: evening for the presentation o the new bicycle 2004 Cycles, audio visual performance.

US. Miami , janv 2002 @ INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR OF MIAMI Opening: Synesthétique,, composition of a synesthetic piece with the band Atmosferatu.

FR. Lacoste, août 2001 @ OPENING OF PIERRE CARDIN’S MARQUIS DE SADE’S CASTEL: Audio visual Installation about the “Cursed poets”

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